Garden Tips and Treasures

Flocking to the Feeders

Flocking to the Feeders 0

Last month Paula Marolewski showed us beautiful color in the winter garden by sharing her fabulous photos of the birds that visit her garden. This month Paula shows us how to attract birds to our gardens and keep them visiting by providing the foods that they enjoy most.
Rainbows in the Winter Garden

Rainbows in the Winter Garden 0

While winter can be stark and sometimes very white when snow arrives, author Paula Marolewski has managed to discover a rainbow of color in her garden. Read on and enjoy her colorful photos for mid-winter burst of color.
  • Paula Marolewski
5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Gift Giving

5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Gift Giving 0

A few years ago, I decided to take a more relaxed, stop-and-smell-the-pine-trees approach to the holidays. And I’m about to share one of my secrets to a more relaxing holiday season – stressing less about shopping and gift giving.

Read on while I share my 5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Gift Giving

DIY Beaded Bird Feeders

DIY Beaded Bird Feeders 0

Cold weather has finally arrived here in PA and it's time to start thinking about feeding our feather friends during the cold months ahead. Read on to find out how to create bird feeders that are unique and easy to make.
Fall is Here - Time to Think Spring!!

Fall is Here - Time to Think Spring!! 0

Fall is a great time to prepare for spring! You see there are so many things going on in the garden in the spring, that it’s almost too much to get done. And while spring is a really inspiring time to start new things in the garden, fall is actually a better time for certain garden tasks.

Read on for details on 5 Fall Projects that you can do in the fall to make spring gardening season a lot easier. 

  • Donna Moyer
Lessons from the Garden

Lessons from the Garden 0

I learn a lot from my garden. For instance, you’ve probably been told, “Bloom where you’re planted!” Heck … my garden has taught me to persist and grow even when conditions are less than optimal – in fact, impossible. Such as this pink and green coleus, that sprouted from some long-lost seed buried in the dirt and grew out of the drainage hole in the bottom of my hibiscus pot!
  • Paula Marolewski