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Maybe they've enjoyed working in their gardens for as long as you can remember.  Or maybe now they are just finding the time to discover this new hobby. 

Help them to keep enjoying gardening with tools that are designed to be comfortable and reduce hand and wrist strain.

Our Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand has a thumb-operated on/off switch which also controls water flow. No more hand strain from trigger-operated nozzles. This wand also has 8 spray pattern settings so it can take the place of most garden hose nozzles. With this wand you can not only water hanging baskets but also wash the car, mist tender plants and clean off the patio. Click Here to Find out More

Our Garden Tool Set contains the basic hand digging tools all gardeners need - a cultivator, trowel and transplanter. These tools have soft rubber handles and lightweight aluminum heads that make them super-comfortable for continued use. Click Here to Find out More

Our Garden Pruner Set is a set of two garden scissors ( one with straight blade and one with curved blade) that can be used for light trimming and pruning of delicate flowers, herbs and houseplants. They are designed with comfortable handles, thumb operated lock and gently spring mechanism to reduce hand strain. Click Here to Find out More   


And we've combined all of these tools into a convenient Essential Garden Tool Gift Set. Click Here to Find Out More


Buying a new home is exciting...and stressful. There's so much to do and so many things to buy. And taking care of a new yard can seem daunting.

Give the gift of quality home gardening tools to get them started on the right foot. 

The Wrought Iron Garden Hose Holder is an attractive addition to any home. Easy to install. Holds up to 150' of garden hose. Handcrafted in the U.S.A so it's built to last. Click Here to Find Out More 

Our Watering Wand is a versatile outdoor watering tool. Its compact 15" length and 8 spray patterns means that it can be used for a wide variety of tasks from watering hanging baskets to washing your favorite pet. Click Here to Find out More

And our Garden Hand Tool Set includes the basic hand digging tools that all gardeners need. Click Here to Find Out More

Finally we've put all of these essential tools into our Ultimate Garden Tool Set. This set is packaged and shipped in an easy-to-wrap carton. Click Here to Find Out More


Indoor gardeners have a variety of interests. Maybe you know a:

  • Houseplant collector
  • Apartment or townhouse dweller
  • Someone discovering the joys of decorating with succulents
  • Gardening enthusiast forced to garden indoors for the winter

Anyone of these indoor gardeners will appreciate a gardening gift from you! 

Our Garden Pruner Set is perfect for delicate trimming tasks like pruning houseplants or herbs. Click Here to Find Out More

Our Kitchen Compost Bin is an attractive bin for all eco-conscious gardeners to use to store their compostable veggie and fruit peels and houseplant trimmings before taking them to the compost bin. Click Here to Find Out More

Our Garden Hand Tool Set is a set of basic gardening hand tools that work great indoors and out. 
Click Here to Find Out More



They may not have a big yard or huge vegetable garden but they are concerned about their world. 

They don't want to fill our landfills with veggie and fruit scraps in plastic bags that can be put back into the environment. Perhaps they live in an area with community sponsored composting.

Give them the gift of an attractive Kitchen Compost Bin to store their compostable fruit and veggie peelings until they can take them to the compost pile. 

  • Perfect Size for Most Kitchens.
  • Built To Last 
  • No Need To Purchase Liner Bags Inner plastic pail makes transporting to your outdoor composter easy and clean-up a snap. •
  • Keep Your Kitchen Order Free - Odor neutralizing filter in lid that keeps your kitchen odor-free and discourages fruit flies. Includes an extra replacement filter

Click Here to Find Out More

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