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Thank you for a great product and quick shipping.

- Robert S.

Garden pruner set - Very well engineered. The thumb lock slides easily and the blades are impressive.

- Rebecca S.

The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

Without a doubt - the best water hose watering wand we've ever bought (now own 3 of them)...

- Ronald L.

Welcome to The Relaxed Gardener

Our goal is to provide you with the best home gardening tools to help you spend less time working in your garden and more time enjoying it.

And just for fun we've sprinkled in home decor and gift items to add to your relaxed lifestyle and make finding the perfect gift a snap.

Martinis and Marigolds Blog - Quick Tips for your Relaxed Home and Garden

  • It's Too Hot to Plant - Now What?

    The heat of summer is upon us in most of the US. While it might be tempting to continue planting, the next optimum time to plant perennials and shrubs is fall.

    So what' a gardener to do besides maintenance chores?  (And hopefully by following our tips you don't have too many of those!)

    Read on for 5 of my favorite gardening-related and relaxing things to do now that the rush of Spring planting is over. 

  • Creating a Garden Butterflies Will Love

    When creating our low maintenance garden spaces, it’s fun to provide a habitat for garden visitors like butterflies.  Butterflies can add even more beauty to already beautiful landscape. I love sitting on my deck and seeing them flutter from one plant to another along with the bees and hummingbird moths. It’s fun to see them enjoying all of the flowers that I spent so much time planting.

    Butterfly gardens require several things to be successful. Read on to find out how to create a garden that butterflies will 'flock' to.

  • Using Bud Vases to Deliver Big Impact

    With summer in full swing you probably have lots of blooms in your garden. There is no question that extravagant bouquets of flowers make a stunning visual statement. But there is also a special and rare beauty to be found in single blooms. Read on to find out how Paula Marolewski uses bud vases to bring the beauty of flowers to every room.
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