Our Story

In 2012, our founder, Donna Moyer, was ready to give up gardening. Instead, she started a home gardening tool company! Read on to find out why....

Back in 2012, I was weary of caring for a two-acre property with lots and lots of flower beds. Gardening had been one of my great passions – I had even spent 10 years as a Master Gardener volunteer for Penn State Cooperative Extension. But after more than 30 years of trying to do everything ‘right’ I was really tired and no longer looked forward to working in my gardens.

You see, few years earlier, I had realized my lifelong dream of owning a horse and I wanted to spend more time riding and hanging out with him. I also wanted to start taking art classes. And I loved spending time with my friends and and my significant other. But there just did not seem to be enough hours in the day to do those things and have my yard and gardens looking the way I wanted them to look. In fact, there were times when I was downright ashamed of how my yard looked.

I decided that I was ready to leave all of my gardens and flower beds behind and that I would be happy with a few containers on the deck of a new, smaller, house. So we moved to a rental in anticipation of selling our house. Unfortunately, the house did not sell. When it was time to move back, I cringed at the thought of all of the work facing me that spring. I knew that I needed to come terms with caring for my property while still finding time to enjoy it and my other hobbies. After all, I did want things to look great but I did not want to spend every waking hour working to achieve that goal.

I realized that I needed to leave perfection behind. And when I did, I learned that:

  • My gardens could look just as good with easy to care for plants as with less hardy unusual varieties
  • Decreasing the number of containers I planted increased impact and decreased my watering chores
  • Having the right tools made all of the difference in saving me both time and money

Because I decided to give up my quest for the perfect garden, I was able to:

  • Spend less more time working in my garden and more time enjoying it
  • Spend more time with my horse and exploring my art
  • Invite friends over anytime and know that my yard would be something I was proud for them to see

Now I'm living my dream of having a great looking garden and having enough time to really enjoy it.  I never have to worry about spending too much time gardening ever again.

I was so passionate about what I learned that I wanted to share it with others! And so The Relaxed Gardener was born.

I started this company with a goal to provide you with the best home gardening tips and tools to help you spend less time working and more time relaxing. Our tools are designed with seniors and individuals with disabilities in mind. The tools we offer are designed with soft handles and easy to use controls to help reduce hand strain and keep gardening enjoyable. I want to make gardening as comfortable and accessible as possible for all.

It’s time to stop stressing and start enjoying.

Happy Gardening and Relaxing!

Founder and Chief Gardener at The Relaxed Gardener