DIY Beaded Bird Feeders

DIY Beaded Bird Feeders

Cool, crisp weather and flame-colored trees tell me it is time to put out my bird feeders for the fall and winter. Last year, I wanted to make my own feeders, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money doing so.

 So … I hit the dollar store and a craft store sale, and I designed four beaded bird feeders that kept the birds happy during the cold months, and gave me a bright spot of color in the dormant garden.

 For the first feeder, I simply took a blue plastic bowl and drilled three holes in the sides, as well as a few in the bottom for drainage. I then slipped thin wire (you could also use fishing line) through the holes in the sides and strung beads on the wire. Tie off the top and – presto! – you have a bird feeder! 

The second feeder followed the same principal … this time, I used a plastic hotdog holder for the seed. It’s amazing what you can re-purpose to feed your feathered friends!


For the third feeder, I wanted a double-decker. Two mini-tart baking dishes were perfect. (Drilling through the thin metal was as easy as drilling through plastic.) 

For my final feeder, I needed something larger for my dove friends and flocks of gold finches. I commandeered a cheap drawer organizer for the base – the mesh gives perfect drainage, and allows seeds to dry after a rain. 

The feeders were a huge success, both with the birds and with me. Here is one of my favorite pictures from that winter!


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