Gourd Décor

Gourd Décor

Gourds are one of my favorite parts of fall! From the classic orange pumpkin to the weirdest wart-covered wonder, I love them all. Setting up my “gourd décor” each year is a special event, since it gives so much scope for the imagination. 

If you have a bit of space, consider showcasing the incredible variety of gourds.

Gourds of different shapes, sizes, and colors can be put next to each other for dramatic effect.

You can also achieve visual impact by piling together many of the same type of gourd.

If you don’t have much space, don’t despair! A single gourd artfully placed amidst some straw is very striking.

And don’t forget to include other “signs of fall” – Indian corn, chrysanthemums, and flowering kale can add visual interest to your display … as does the occasional furry friend!

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