Lessons from the Garden

Lessons from the Garden

I learn a lot from my garden. For instance, you’ve probably been told, “Bloom where you’re planted!” Heck … my garden has taught me to persist and grow even when conditions are less than optimal – in fact, impossible. Such as this pink and green coleus, that sprouted from some long-lost seed buried in the dirt and grew out of the drainage hole in the bottom of my hibiscus pot!

Then there’s the truth that volunteering to serve others is a beautiful thing – such as this sunflower “volunteer” that a squirrel planted for me. It was one of the most prolific, gorgeous sunflowers I have ever had in my garden – far surpassing the ones I had planted on purpose!


Some things in life scare you. For instance, big, ugly, hairy, creepy spiders. But in my garden, I have seen that even things that are scary can produce exceptional beauty. You just have to open your eyes – and your heart – to see it. 

My garden has also taught me that if you look at things from a different perspective, you might discover an eye-opening new view on the world.

And, of course, my garden has given me plenty of opportunity to see the humor that abounds – even where we least expect it!


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