Using Bud Vases to Deliver Big Impact

Using Bud Vases to Deliver Big Impact

There is no question that extravagant bouquets of flowers make a stunning visual statement. But there is also a special and rare beauty to be found in single blooms. To that end, I have a selection of slender vases that will hold just a few flowers each. (Yes, even the turtle is a bud vase! The holes in his shell are to arrange the flowers.)


Here are three reasons to love bud vases:

1. Bud vases allow you to focus on the beauty of a single blossom.

There is something calming, even meditative, about studying the shape, color, and fragrance of a single flower. In a bud vase, I can spend time tracing the edge of the petals with my fingertip, look at the pollen grains clinging to the stamen, and see how hues shift down the throat of the flower. At times, a certain bloom is so spectacular that it cries out to be honored in solitary splendor.


 2. Bud vases let you fill the house with flowers – cheaply.

Let’s face it – extravagant bouquets are quite expensive! But purchasing three or four flowers at a florist shop or a bouquet of carnations at the grocery store won’t break the bank. Spread out in bud vases, you can have floral beauty in every room of your house – even in the long, dark days of winter!


 3. Bud vases bring bits of your garden inside.

I wish I had room for a “cutting garden” in my yard, but I don’t. As a result, I don’t like snipping a lot of flowers to bring inside, or there won’t be any left outside. Bud vases solve that problem. I can bring in just a few flowers to enjoy while working at my desk, without losing any of the fullness of my garden outside.


The next time you want to make a statement with flowers, remember: showcasing single blooms in bud vases delivers big impact!


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