Who Needs a Spring Haircut?

Who Needs a Spring Haircut?

If you read my article on 7 Easy Care Sun-Loving Perennials to Plant This Spring you know that one of my favorite perennials is Variegated Liriope. (If you missed the article, Click Here.)

Why do I love this plant so much? First, the bright green and white foliage looks great from late spring into fall.

Variegated Liriope and Vinca

I find that it really brightens up my shady front yard and provides a nice backdrop for annuals. in the photo above one of my plants is helping to show off pink Vinca.

Then, from mid-summer to early fall. purple flowers bloom 

Variegated Liriope with purple blooms

And finally, seed heads form to provide late fall/winter interest.

So this is a plant that adds interest to your landscape almost all year round.

Another thing I like about Liriope is that it does not need much maintenance - except in the spring.

In spring, it needs a good haircut.

Take a look at this photo. New green leaves leaves are pushing up.

But last years old green/brown foliage is still there. This foliage will not look nice and healthy again. So the best thing to do to keep this plant looking its best is to cut back the old brown foliage before the new growth gets too tall.

Simply use a pair of sharp pruners and cut the old brown foliage back all the way to the base.

Cutting off old Liriope Leaves

Here's what it should look like when you're finished.

Liriope folliage

Most grasses benefit from this spring haircut but many grasses turn completely brown in the winter making it easy for you to know that it should be cut back

Liriope is deceiving because the leaves stay somewhat green but turn brown around the edges. You can feel like you are cutting back healthy growth.

But trust me, this hair cut will do your plants good and you will be rewarded for your work by new lush growth that will look great all summer long.

Variegated Liriope

Have you planted Variegated Liriope or other Liropes in your landscape? Comment below and let me know how you're using them.

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